Things to do when it Rains on Oahu


Since it has been raining quite a bit here in the islands I thought it would be a good to share some ideas of what to do when it rains. Here are some good rainy day activities that you might find fun.

These are our top 10 things you can do on Oahu in Hawaii if all you see is rain in the forecast. You can also check out an updated Top 5 list of Rainy Day Oahu activities.

1. Surf – You’re going to get wet anyway so why not go surfing. The waves might be a little “mushy” but you can still have fun. Here’s a list of surf breaks on Oahu to get you started. Then you may want to pop in to Hawaiian South Shore for a quick board rental.

2. Shop – Ala Moana Shopping Center, even though considered open air, has many over hangs to allow you to stay dry. Enjoy some of the higher end shops if you’re not used to going to them.

3. Indoor Mini Golf – if you’re at Ala Moana and it’s raining, enjoy the mini golf they have there on the second floor. Check out a map or ask an information booth.

4. Eat – You’re probably on vacation, and it’s raining, so why not indulge in some of the great seafood cuisine of the Hawaiian islands. Oahu has tons of sushi places, and a lot of fine dining restaurants. Go local or go super fresh, either way you’ll be satisfied.

5. Timeshare Presentation – I know you probably don’t want to do one, but the timeshare presentations, where they try and make you buy a timeshare are great to get free activities. We’ve gotten a $100 per person luau for free just by attending one. The great thing was, it rained during the presentation, we said no, and the sun came out by the time the luau rolled around. Just remember to say no, they give you the free stuff anyway.

6. See a Movie – Go see a movie at the ward center. It’s a nice place with restaurants and some good aloha feel. Then you can go shopping at all the ward center shops.

7. Spa – Go to a spa, there are tons of them in the area, Heaven on Earth, Kahala, Hilton, Outrigger. Pamper yourself, male or female.

8. Learn to Hula – a lot of the hotels have lessons to learn basket weaving, uke playing or hula. Take a class and learn some culture.

9. Drive the island – You may just want to take a drive around the island to see what there is to see. Who knows you may find a sunny spot. It usually only rains in certain areas.

10. Mai Tai’s – Sit at a nearby bar, preferably on the ocean, watch the waves and boats go by as the rain comes down, and sip back some Mai Tai’s.

These activities should keep you busy if it’s raining in Hawaii, these are tailored more for Oahu but the general idea should apply to all islands, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. We did the timeshare one on Kauai and had a blast at the Luau. Have fun with these activities and let us know how you did.