Honolulu Triathlon 2006 Race Route


The 2006 Honolulu Triathlon will take place May 13th and May 14th. the Kids Tri will be on the 13th followed by the adult Olympic distance triathlon on May 14th. The swim portion will take place at Ala Moana Beach Park as that beach and the surrounding beaches are clean and back to normal levels of bacteria following the rainy season fiasco causing closure of some of the beaches on the South Shore.

The race route for the Honolulu Triathlon has changed this year and will be as follows.

The swim portion of the race will be the same as last year and will be 1500 meters in the calm Ala Moana Beach. The beach park is guarded from any currents, chop, or waves by the reef that surrounds all of Ala Moana Beach Park. The swim should prove to be one of the easier swims of all the island triathlons.

The Bike portion has changed this year. We won’t speculate on why it’s changed we’ll just say it’s not going out to Hawaii Kai this year and let you make your own decisions as to why that is. The bike portion will instead head out Ala Moana towards Ewa where it will meet up with Nimitz Highway and then Kamehamea Highway. Twist some on Arizona Blvd, then on the stretch of Lagoon Drive (a very nice paved road), back down the Kam. Highway, Nimitz and eventually finishing where they started on Ala Moana. Overall the bike portion is Olympic distance 40K.

The 10K run is basically a loop around Ala Moana Park with a slight detour on Cooke before completing the second loop of the Ala Moana Park. The route is basically flat as can be.

Good luck to all the athletes this year and enjoy the race. For more information on the race course check out the Honolulu Tri Website.