5 Things To Do On Kauai When It Rains


So you are visiting the beautiful Garden Isle and you encounter a day of rain. No need to fret. Kauai has a number of wonderful things to do to keep you happy in the rain.

Drive Up To Waterfalls

With numerous beautiful waterfalls to see on Kauai, you can pick and choose your destination. Each will be even more spectacular with the rainfall. Don’t let something like this go to waste. Some of the more popular waterfalls include…

– Hanakapi’ai Falls
– Kalihiwai Falls
– Secret Falls
– Wailua Falls
– Opeaka’a Falls

We suggest checking out the first two as they’re easy to drive to with the others not to bad either. You may get a little muddy but it won’t be too bad. Just don’t get too close to rushing water and heed all warnings by the state emergency services when they say Flash Floods! Viewing from afar is suggested.

For more information on each of these waterfalls check out this Kauai Guidebook that we review and suggest you don’t travel here without.

Sit in On a Timeshare Sales Pitch

You might think this is a terrible idea at first glance, but Kauai timeshare pitches come with excellent incentives. By just sitting through the sales pitch you can earn a free luau and more. The rain has you inside anyway; why not get free stuff for it?  Besides, most of these are in the morning which is probably the time you’re reading this, cause it’s raining out.  It will most likely clear by the time you’re done.

A few things to remember before you go into on of these.  They won’t take an hour. The first pitch will take an hour, then you’ll be shuffled to a room where then next more intimate pitch will happen.  Someone will buy more credits or maybe a newbie, ballons will be pulled in, clapping, champagne, signatures.  Don’t fall for it.  Happens in every single one.  Coincidence?

Finally you’ll be passed off to the release room, which is another person to try and pitch you the deal their boss will kill them for.  Don’t fall for this.  Just say not for you, be strong, and move on.  Get your free dinner, and enjoy the sunshine.

Kauai Coffee Plantation

Most people think of the big island (Hawaii) when it comes to coffee plantations. The largest Hawaii coffee plantation is actually located on the island of Kauai.

Visit the Kauai Coffee Plantation, tour the factory, and take advantage of free taste samples. Details.

Shop in Hanalei

Hanalei on the North Shore of Kauai has all sorts of unique little shops and areas to visit. This place is for the true shopper looking for unique items. A small little surf town just past Princeville it’s a great place to spend a rainy afternoon.

If you’re not into shopping you can just hang out at one of the local coffee shops and people watch as others avoid the downpour bouncing from place to place.  Be sure to get there early and avoid the crowds, although Kauai never really seems to be that crowded.  You also may need to make sure there will be no road closures that day.  The north shore of Kauai is notorious for rock slides and floods closing out the roads, so be careful and check the local news and weather reports.

Kauai Plantation Train Ride

All aboard! Take a train ride through over 100 acres of the old Kauai Plantation. Here you will be able to discover the history of Kauai agriculture, along with its future. Kauai, a pretty small island in the Hawaiian chain, actually had over 200 miles of railway at one point. All those tracks connected the many sugar plantations throughout the island when sugar was the big crop here.

Now, the locomotives are being restored and only a small amount of original tack remains. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this fun activity while the rains of Kauai keep you out of the sun.

The tour runs 7 days a week, is 40 minutes long, and is only $18 for adults, $14 for children 3 – 12, and infants ride free! There’s more lavish tours as the orchid garden here is one of the best you’ll see. But that may get a little wet on a rainy day. Check their site for more information.