Original Hawaii Five-0 Danno James MacArthur Dies in Florida


James MacArthur Danno HawaiiOn the heels of all the great news that the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 has received comes some very sad news. James MacArthur – who was the original “Danno”, died today in Florida of what is only being described by his wife as “internal complications.”

MacArthur was the last living main cast member of the original Hawaii Five-O, which made him the only one still alive to see the new Hawaii Five-O come to pass. MacArthur was part of an eclectic ensemble cast that included Jack Lord, who played McGarrett, Kam Fong who played Chin Ho Kelly in and Gilbert Lani “Zulu” Kauhi. All original cast members have now passed.

James MacArthur will forever be cemented in our minds, mainly because of the worldwide phenomenon that the original Hawaii Five-O became. The moment audiences first heard the phrase “Book em Danno,” MacArthur was always going to be remembered.

James MacArthur appeared mostly on-stage in various productions after his role as Danno ended. CBS was trying to get him to do a cameo on the new Hawaii Five-O, but that never came to fruition. He did however reprise his role as Danno is 1997, which was the first time CBS tried to reboot Hawaii Five-O. He appeared in the pilot episode as the newly elected Governor. That pilot episode never saw the light of day.

(Image taken as a screen shot from the original show opening.)