Southwest Airlines Flying to Hawaii?


Southwest Airlines Boeing 737In a move that would be welcome in Hawaii, Southwest Airlines is considering buying bigger aircraft and flying routes to and from the Hawaiian Islands!

There are two main things that Southwest needs to do before this can become a reality.

  1. Add the Boeing 737-800 to its fleet of aircraft.
  2. Obtain federal approval to fly the long over-water route to Hawaii with the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Both of these things are well within reach of a company like Southwest Airlines. With their excellent rates and their “no baggage fee,” they would be a great addition to the Honolulu International Airport.

An added bonus is that Hawaii’s economy would get a bit of a lift, as there are thousands of Southwest frequent flyer members that would more than likely cash in their miles for trips to the islands.

I sure hope this goes through soon! I would be first in line to purchase a ticket.