4.7 Magnitude Earthquake in Hawaii, Maui Region


November EarthquakesReports are coming in statewide of people feeling an earthquake, and by statewide I mean found via checking my facebook from people in Honolul, on Maui and on the Big Island.  All feeling an earthquake in the last hour.

A quick check over to USGA.gov shows that a42 minutes ago a magnitude 4.7  and 24 minutes ago a magnitude 3.3 earthquake was recorded in the Maui region between Maui and The Big Island.  Approximate coordinates were at 20.4667,-156.6457 and 20.1352,-156.0580 respectively.

We grabbed this shot as a screenshot from USGA.gov and the two larger red boxes in the upper left show where the most recent recorded earthquakes were recorded, the larger box, the large quake.

We haven’t heard any reports of damage or power out but we will keep you posted.