The Obamas in Hawaii Again


It was just last year and the first family was playing in the islands, the birthplace of the president of the United States.  Well, it’s another year, another Christmas season and another vacation for the Obamas in Hawaii.

New is flying around the web that President Barack Obama will be leaving Washington later in the week that his family.  Michelle Obama, the two girls, and the first dog, new addition since last year, Bo, will be making the trip today!  That’s right, pictures of the first family will start hitting the internet today/tomorrow.

And best of all, Aloha Update is stationed in Kailua, which is where the first family will be staying while in Hawaii for the next week or two.  Barack Obama will stay back in Washington as the session and unfinished presidential things need to get done.  However, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Bo will be here.

Bo will need to go through state animal quarantine, which all cats and dogs need to go through.  It’s so the animals don’t bring rabies into the islands, which doesn’t have it.  Aside from that, it’s been reported that Bo will get some extra vaccinations and a microchip (which is common in the islands).  Some more news about ticks, yada yada and this dog is going through the whole gammet.  No cutting corners.

It looks like the first family will leave Hawaii on January 1st so depending on when Barack Obama makes it out here, he could have a short trip.

President Obama and his family have been here every year since he starting running for president in 2008.  You can check out some video of Barack Obama body surfing Sandy’s Beach during that first visit. Plus we have lots more footage from those trips in the Barack Obama Section.