Fireworks Ban Means Hawaii Will Light Up One Last Time


With the new Honolulu fireworks ban set to go into effect this Sunday, many people are expecting this New Year’s celebration to be even bigger than the ones I years past. Hawaii will put a ban on consumer fireworks after this New Years in hopes that fires, smoke, and injuries will all be a thing of the past.

While there will still be fireworks shows on the islands, this will be the last time that consumers will be able to purchase nearly all types of fireworks. Consumers may still buy certain types of fireworks with a permit that will be issued from the city, but fireworks celebrations on New Years will cease after this year, at least the kind of fireworks celebrations we all grew up with.

The ban on fireworks has met some resistance, but has also gained plenty of support. It looks like the state is divided 50/50 on the issue. For as many people that there are who think the state is taking away a tradition, there are just as many people who are thankful that the noise, smoke, fires and injuries will be on the decline.

Wherever you and yours stand on the ban, the only think that matters is that this New Years will be the last one that you can celebrate with the traditional consumer fireworks displays.

One other thing of note: Consumer aerials have been illegal for some time now, but HPD has not really enforced the issue too much. HPD will be cracking down pretty hard on those who choose to set off aerials in the islands. If you are caught, you will be facing hefty fines, and even possible jail time.


When the new law takes effect Sunday:

1. Consumers may still purchase firecrackers for use on New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year Day, Independence Day and for cultural uses. All other consumer fireworks, including sparklers, fountains and “paperless” fireworks, are banned from sale, purchase or use.

2. Consumers must still apply for a permit for firecrackers. They will be able to buy $25 permits for every 5,000 firecrackers purchased and be able to purchase as many permits as they want. But the new law requires they must be purchased no later than 10 days before firecrackers’ use.

3. Only adults will be able to set off firecrackers. That is a change from the current law, which allows people under 18 to set off fireworks under adult supervision.