NFL Pro Bowl Parties, Chinese New Year and More This Weekend in Honolulu


The Pro Bowl is back in Hawaii and in true aloha spirit, the islands are welcoming back the NFL in a big way. With the Chinese New Year and the Pro Bowl at the same time, there is waaay to much to do this weekend in Honolulu.

First up, Chinatown in downtown Honolulu is having the I love Chinatown Block Party that starts tonight. You won’t want to miss this as Chinatown block parties are always crazy. Even crazier is it’s the Chinese New Year celebration in Honolulu that’s going off at cultural plaza just up the road from the block party.

If that weren’t enough, you can finish up the evening with the Chinatown Get Down which starts after the block party ends.

Now, on to Pro Bowl action. Saturday Waikiki will be the place to be as they’ll be having the Pro Bowl block party with players, cheerleaders, and more. Did we mention cheerleaders. Put on your best pair of boardshorts and slippers and head on down to Waikiki.

Before you head down to Waikiki you may want to stop by Aloha Stadium and watch the players warm up and practice for Free! That’s right, they’ll be out there getting ready and anyone is welcome to join them.

Now for the classier parties and those that might have missed Warren Moons party at Pearl or the Hooters bikini show at The Villa, don’t worry there are still more.

Maino will be performing live at the Villa with a few NFL Pro Bowl stars there to greet you and host your evening.

Art After Dark is also going on tonight with Show me the Bunny. As always, food, drinks, live music and DJs will be entertaining you as you wonder around.