North Shore Oahu Offers the Best Sunsets in the World


Many of us have lived in Hawaii our entire lives and are unaware of some of the beauty around us. There may be several reasons for this like some of us don’t get out much, or some may not really think about the beauty around them because they are so used to it. Whatever the reason may be you have got to get out one evening to the North Shore on the island of Oahu and see the sunset. There are a number of beaches to watch the sunset from, most notably being the Sunset Beach area.

Periodically, my wife and I will head out to the North Shore and spend the entire day out there. We like to make a day of it because the drive is fairly long coming from Kailua, and we know that we will have an amazing time.

There have been several times that we have ended up staying through the sunsets, and we decided to take some pictures the last few times. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to sit on the beach and watch the sun dip into the ocean. If you think these pictures tell a story of the beauty, then you have definitely got to see the real thing!

Get your family or other lover ones together, or even grab a group of friends. Head out to the North Shore of Oahu and witness something that truly is a force of nature. These sunsets are not something you will soon forget.