Best Breakfast Places on Oahu


Oahu is filled with excellent breakfast choices. Some are well known, others are more “local favorites,” but they all have one thing in common; they all deliver amazing and unique breakfast options to their customers. If you have some time one morning, then get up, get dressed, and go try one of these breakfast places on Oahu. Choosing any one of the following places will be one of the best breakfast decisions you ever make.

Boot’s N’ Kimos

This little breakfast place in Kailua is known for their long lines and there fantastic food. You can expect a wait no matter what day you go, however, the wait is well worth it, as you will be treated to some local favorites along with the basic breakfast delights. What makes Boot’s N’ Kimo’s so special? They have a macadamia nut pancake sauce that is considered by many to be the very best pancake sauce in the world, definitely on Oahu.

Wailana Pancake House

Wailana Pancake House has been serving up island breakfast favorites for years. They are very popular with the local crowd, so if you have a chance during your visit, make you way over there. You won’t be disappointed.

Duke’s Breakfast Buffet

Duke’s in Waikiki offers an eclectic menu throughout the day that is sure to please any appetite. However, it is there famous breakfast/brunch buffet that takes the cake. The buffet is filled with every breakfast lovers food imaginable. There are also some other appetizing delights that are thrown in to make it more of a breakfast/lunch buffet, or a brunch. Either way, the buffet is sure to please.

Anna Miller’s in Aiea

Right down the road a bit from Pearlridge Center is a unique breakfast place called Anna Miller’s. Anna Miller’s is open 24-hours, 7 days a week. You can get breakfast anytime. They have everything form the traditional omelet, to all the local favorites we have come to love. You are also on the second level of the building, which means you can enjoy breakfast with a nice view.

Cinnamon’s in Kailua

Arguably the very best breakfast place on the Windward side (although the folks at Boot’s N Kimos may say otherwise), Cinnamon’s is a unique breakfast establishment that serves up unique flavors. This is definitely a place to eat breakfast of you are in Kailua. Try the Guava Chiffon pancakes, they are the most unique thing on the menu. Another favorite is the eggs benedict, which you can have made just about anyway you want.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not enjoy some of the best breakfasts’ that Oahu has to offer by visiting one of these highly recommended breakfast establishments? If you are staying in the Waikiki area, then check out this great list of the best breakfast places in Waikiki.