Tips for Buying a Surfboard on Craigslist


Buying a surfboard on Craigslist is a great way to get a used board for a decent price. There are several steps from the start of the search to buying the board in the end. Here are a few tips. First off, you want to have an idea of what kind of board will work best for you. Shortboards are for intermediate and above, while longboards and funshapes provide better stability and paddling power, which is good for beginner to intermediate surfers.

Now, begin your search. Create a folder on your computer, hunt through the ads under sporting goods by typing in “surfboard.” To narrow your search, type in the size of the board you are looking for or the style. As you search copy and paste the ones you might want to purchase into a word document. (This will help organize your search in the future.)

Next, assess the condition of the board. This is basically where you evaluate if the price matches what’s on offer. You can get a decent used surfboard from $150-$275. Assses if the board is very used or like new? Look at the overall color of the board. If there are random yellow spots, these may indicate a ding that has been taking on water for a period of time. Not good.

Also look for a funky paint job that may be hiding a ding. Sometimes a board may have been broken and half, put back together and painted over to cover it up. Not good. If a board has a few small dings think about how much it will cost to get them fixed. This lowers the value of a board, so take that into consideration when making your final offer.

Assessing the condition of the board can be tricky by just looking at pictures. After you narrow your search, go look at the board in person and make your final evaluation. Check for dings and gently squeeze the board, if you feel soft spots, this indicates water has been leaking into the board. Not good. Finally, if you are satisfied with the board make your purchase and go surfing!