Where to Watch The Super Bowl in Waikiki


There are plenty of great sports bars in Waikiki to watch the Super Bowl and most of them will be packed with people, just like you, looking for a good bar to catch the game. The best idea is to either get there early or have a few in mind to check the game out.

We’ve listed all the sports bars that have multiple large screen TVs and good viewing angles. You can bet that most places will have the game on, but we thought we’d point out the tops.

Buffalo Wild Wings Waikiki. Just like any other, they have plenty of TVs and you can bet that every last one of them will have the game on. Just come early. This is right on Ala Moana across from the Ilikai.

Giovanni Pastrami a lesser know sports bar, Giovanni’s has the walls litered with TVs and good viewing angles all over. This place gets packed. It’s right on Lewers.

Also on Lewers, Yard House Waikiki. We wouldn’t rate this a tops, but it’s a great place to get a beer and has plenty of TVs, you may just be standing the entire time.

One street over from Yard House is the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu and they’re having a Hard Rock Waikiki Super Bowl Party. Check early, I think you’ll need a ticket.

Round Table Pizza is towards Waikiki Beach and the Duke Statue. This place has large screen TVs down and is a great partial open air spot.

Lulu’s Waikiki doesn’t have a ton of TVs and they’re definitely all elevated, but they will have the Super Bowl on and it’s a good vibe. Check this place out if you’re wandering in off the beach or park as it’s at the end of Waikiki Beach.

The Shack Waikiki is on Kuhio and gets busy. A lot of TVs, this is local favorite to watch all the Saturday and Sunday regular season action.

If you want to go local then look no further than Legends Sports Pub. They’ll have the Super Bowl, just be careful who you cheer for.