Jurison’s Inn Waikele


Everytime we head to Waikele to do some shopping at their Outlets, we always look forward to eating at Jurison’s.  Why?  Because almost everything on their menu is top notch!  The food always comes out consistent and it never tastes like the food has been sitting out for a while and reheated.

Though they have a large array of menu items, we normally get the same two things.  Their Ahi Katsu is absolutely delicious!  The raw ahi is wrapped in nori (dried seaweed), crusted with panko, and flash fried.  The panko always comes out nice and crispy, never cold or chewy.  The nori gives the ahi a great flavor too, and dipping it into some shoyu and wasabi just makes driving to Waikele worth every mile!  In addition, the plate comes with rice, side salad, pickled bean sprouts, and some corn.

My new favorite is their tofu katsu and BBQ chicken combo.  Like the ahi katsu, the tofu katsu is also lightly covered with panko, but without the nori.  I was absolutely stunned when I received my plate and noticed that it was extremely heavy.  You basically get TWO large slices of tofu katsu!  As you can see from the pictures, they don’t skimp here!  Though some may argue that the tofu katsu doesn’t that much taste, just a little bit of shoyu will definitely do the trick.  The BBQ chicken was also very good.  The BBQ seasoning was delicious, and the chicken was also very tender.

The next time you head to Waikele, make sure you grab a bite to eat at Jurison’s!  You won’t be disappointed!