5 Ways to Stay Active On the South Shore When There’s No Surf


Dedicated surfers know there is no substitute for the exercise and stoke you get from your daily surf sesh.  But during the winter season those living on the south shore of Oahu can fall into a surfing limbo.  Here’s some ways to stay off the couch, and keep the amazing surf you’re missing up north from driving you mad.

Yoga – Keep your body loose day or night with a nice long stretch.  Visit your local Yoga studio or lay down a mat at your favorite beach park, get in tree pose and pray for waves.

Hiking – Head for the hills to discover waterfalls and spectacular 360-degree views.  Hawaii’s mountains are the perfect place for getting in touch with nature on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Paddle Boarding – Hop on and paddle out pass the reef, to places wouldn’t dare go lying on your stomach.  This Hawaiian pastime allows you to cover miles of ocean and keep you in the water.  If you’re lucky you may even be able to catch a ride on a couple ankle snappers.

Skateboarding – The closest thing to surfing on land, today’s skateboards mimic their surfing counterparts.  You can grab your standard skateboard and tear it up at your nearest skate park, or cruise around your neighborhood on a smooth riding longboard.  Either way you end up rolling make sure you put on that helmet.

Diving – Strap on a mask and take advantage of the calm conditions at your home break.  Whether you’re diving for dinner or searching for what creates that perfect left slide, the answers are found underwater.